Kalkuta Live Music

IMG_3195 Step into this dark and sultry live music venue any day of the week and you can catch amateur music that is pretty decent. With a large dance floor and plenty of seating this place heats up after 12:00am and is a great place for any group. They have a small outside patio great for waiting out the start time of bands and beers are only 1000-1500 CFA. It’s pretty loud so not the best spot to catch up, but when you want to get into some reggae, local music, or hip hop it’s a great place to be.


One thought on “Kalkuta Live Music

  1. pinetreerepublic

    Just wanted to say that I think this is an awesome project you have going on! I came across your blog while working on a post on two recent albums from Malian musicians that have made it onto the world music circuit, and it’s really cool to learn about some of the local venues in Bamako. Would be great to learn more about the music scene there, if you have the time and interest – I’ve long wanted to visit!


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