Birthdays abroad

I am a full 28 years old, and while this number dose not cause me anxiety about the direction or state of my life I was able to celebrate here in Mali a few weeks ago with my growing community of as a friend of mine here in Bamako says “we are the friends we’ve known for 5 minutes and not the friends who truly know us… yet”.

I had a great time with my 5 minute friends – we ate homemade poutine, we drank, we laughed, we danced and came home with the morning prayer call exhausted and content. (ps a HUGE thanks to everyone who came out). I did however miss home. The messages sent from my lifelong friends, the reminders of birthdays spent on beaches, at home with my family, and out on the town all made me think of how lucky I am to have such amazing people in my life – and how far away I am from them right now.

Living abroad feels a bit like living in an other time or space. You have all the liberties of presenting a new version of your self and none of the reminders of your history that helps to make you who you are. Time and space pass differently here – it’s faster and slower all the same time. It’s an exciting and mundane time of living – and a pretty ok way to start off my 28th year. Here’s to another year of adventure.


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