2015 – the ride of a lifetime

2016 has big shoes to fill if it wants to touch the incredible roller coaster that was 2015. It was a year filled with change from leaving Toronto which I called home for 4 years, saying see ya around to a beautiful community of friends there, to moving to Mali and being away from my family. I got to experience first hand what living in a conflicted affected area really is and what being in a challenging role that I am passionate about can look like. And it has been great. It has also been hard. At times it’s been really hard. 

As the situation in Bamako remains unsteady and as I look down the telescope into another year I can’t help but ask why I do it? Why do I put up with a hot season that lets temperatures rise to +45 with no breath of cool air? Why do I live so far away from the friends and family who mean so much to me? Why on earth do live so many kilometres from the ocean? Why do I keep doing life in Mali when things can be so hard? 

I do it because I have an immediate impact – I plan a project and implement in the same week. I plan a training and facilitate in the same week. I do it because in the last year I have helped to facilitate the training Of +115 people and it turns out I am sort of good at it. I do it because I am learning more about myself and the international community and the world I want to be a part of than ever befo and I do it because of the adventure.

So all I can say to 2016 is bring it on and a huge thanks to eveyone and everything that helped make 2015 everything it was. Here’s looking at you!