Ebbs and Flows

Yesterday I said goodbye and hello in literally the span of a few hours. It is part of the ebbs and flows, comings and goings, of life internationally. People are transient; here for a contract, a vacation, an internship, a moment in time and then they go. But surprisingly people come back or come fresh with the same amount of frequency.

They didn’t tell me about the emotional roller coaster that is international work in school. The people I talked to before pursuing a career abroad mentioned this idea but in a nonchalant way that did not sink in nor prepare me for the reality of what that means. It can be draining at times; forming fast friendships with people and then watching them go. But it can be equally as rewarding as you wait for the subsequent return or new arrival of potential friends.

It’s a pull and tug on the ole heart strings and there are definitely days that this blue heart can’t take it all. But there are other days that I count my lucky stars I’ve gotten to meet all these interesting people and experience life in a new way because of them. So here’s to you international friends! Go forth and prosper!


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