Sometimes it’s Hard to put Pants on

When you decide to move and work abroad it’s hard to know what to expect. Your big move can make it seem like your life is one big adventure while you help to save the world. Some days it can feel a lot like that. Other days it feels like you spent 9 hours in a sweltering office with no a/c speaking a language you barely understand to get jobs done that seem well outside of your qualifications. It can seem like you’re a blind bat flying solo through a dense fog of cross-cultural friendships and ambiguity that even the best extroverts would hate. Sometimes the sun shines and you don’t feel the beauty of the day so you bury your head in the pillows pull up the sheet and ask if it’s the weekend yet. Some days it’s still hard to put pants on. 

And that’s ok. I’ve gotta be really nice to myself on those days, and that’s hard too; but it’s the kind of hard that’s worth it. Because the rest is just outside noise and clutter and a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. 

End rant. I’m off to  back to back episodes of 30 Rock, parks and rec, and all the broad city.


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