Kids are kids the World Over 

Today while I was in the field I was observing an agent working wth a group of our female farmers, I got lost a bit and my mind wondered. The conversations in the field happen in the local language (Bambara), and so from time to time my mind will wonder away from the task at hand. (Cut me some slack, I don’t have a translator and it’s all in another language!)

There were three kids who were running around – all boys about 4 years old. One kid finally caught up with another one and the other one turned around stuck his butt out and made a fart sound. The first kid, not tolerating that nonsense, stuck his but right back out and made a louder fart sound. The third kid hearing the noises ran up and added his little but to this fart triangle and they proceeded to fart sound on each other.

I looked around and no one but me and those three kids were laughing – because fart jokes are still funny.

No  matter where you go kids will be kids.


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