Solidarity from Afar

Living abroad is like having a foot in two worlds. One foot is in the life you create for yourself in your new world  – your newfound aspects of personality, your new friends, new experiences, and the bright future. One foot is in the life you left behind – your friends, family, and the past that makes you who you are.

And as in all things – life moves on without you (shock!). People reach new milestones, they discover new things about themselves, their lives change and grow. While they reach new milestones, I want to celebrate with them. I want to give them hugs, and high fives, and exuberant congratulations (in true Krystal fashion). The joy of technology means that  I can send my love via a variety of methods – Skype, What’sapp, text messages, email, and phone calls.

It’s still hard to show your solidarity through technology. It’s just not sufficient for when I need to tell people how happy I am for them or how much I love them. So to all of you that I might have missed your birthday, marriage, births, graduations, promotions and other events – I’m sorry for missing it and know that when I send you a lists of emojis or hundreds of messages it is the smallest sign of my solidarity to you. I might be far away but to the people who count I still got your back and I am happy to call you all my community.  You know who you are.


One thought on “Solidarity from Afar

  1. Amy and Dav

    Dude, your loving exuberance is so off the charts you’re still our best cheerleader from thousands of miles away. We love you so much!!


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