I am a yo-yo

My life in Mali makes me act like a yo-yo. I go up and down on a string that I feel like I have very little control over – like I am being guided by the push and pull of an imaginary game player and the forces of gravity, motion, and physics. I have solid high moments where I know the value of my work, my life, and my contribution to the world around me. And seriously low moments where I doubt my self-worth, my values, and my relationships with others.

I value community, and honesty, and adventure. I like “doing life” with others – sharing in common experiences and the heavy loads when things are too tough. Life in Mali is a constant cross-cultural communication landscape that keeps me on my toes every minute of everyday. It is rewarding and difficult to navigate the social norms of +100 different cultures and experiences and live in this crazy place we call home.

I try to balance the pull and tug of life with making time for things that breathe life back into me. I try to make sure I eat well (ish), sleep well (ish), and exercise (ish). I make time for friends, and time for myself, time to write both for this blog and personally, I cook, I explore, I find nature around me. Yet sometimes all of those things are insufficient; the loneliness/feelings of being unworthy creeps into the crevices of my life and like spilled ink, manages to tint things a darker hue.

So I am asking universe: how do you make your life have more balance or resist the urge to yo-yo your days away?




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