Back to Bamako 

I was filled with a bit of trepidation about coming back to Bamako. I struggle to trust the decision I had made – what if I am prolonging the inevitable? What if I get burned again,what if this is the wrong choice? What if I am missing too many things and my friends will move on without me? What if I can’t do a good job? Even after a weekend f lady gushing and confidence building I still wasn’t sure. 

But then I got home (for now). I was picked up by my friend solo and as we wound through the streets of Bamako, I sighed in relief at the familiarity of it all. I still don’t know if coming back was the “right choice” but I do know that come hell or high water I am going to be just fine. 


One thought on “Back to Bamako 

  1. David F. Marshall

    The thing about choices (for those of us fortunate enough to have them) is that they’re about as right as we make them. Taking self-destructive and really stupid ones off the table, there are still countless options still available and you will make yourself crazy or paralyzed by worrying too much about them. It’s generally conceded that we regret more the things we don’t try than whatever mistakes we make, which pretty much sums up why I’m so proud of you for taking on Mali in the first place. Keep rockin’, sweet girl.


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