Extreme Heart or Extreme Zombie

The hot season is here and everyone will tell you that the heat of the hottest part of the day is “insupportable.” We have been luckier this year than in past years when the records for highest temperature were being broken left right and centre but it is still hot and it makes people react differently.

Some people will tell you that Mali doesn’t have seasons – it’s all just variations of hot. And as someone who comes from an ever changing climate like Canada that has vastly different seasons, it’s hard not to believe that perspective. Mali does have seasons though – the changes are just subtle. The extreme heat of the hot season gives way to a hot, humid, rainy season that brings so much greenery and life back to the soil. The rainy season comes to an end and we have another “mini-hot season” that lasts a couple of weeks before the “dry-cold season” where it doesn’t rain (dry) but the temperature becomes a beautiful 20-25 degrees all the time. There are different insects that come out through the year depending on the season and the plants and foliage react differently depending on what is going on.

In Canada the transition between season was always an introspective time where I felt very off. I couldn’t connect with what was important inside of me anymore, and I would loose perspective that the next season would bring it’s own joys (at least I would loose sight of those for a moment or two). When you live in a context where the temperature difference between seasons is about 5 degrees and the changes around you are subtle as to notice the bugs and changing soil texture, I really didn’t expect to have the same introspective transition period.

But alas, the change towards full fledged hot season is upon us and I am once again disconnected from myself. I bounce between living life with my heart on my sleeve, open to all of the changes and beauty in the world, and a walking zombie that has a hard time finding where her next brain is going to come from.

I guess I am just in another period where I need to be nice to myself and wait it out because I know that these disconnected feelings will pass soon. I just hope they pass sooner rather than later.


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